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Wild Hunt
Before The Plane Of Angles

Hailing from Oakland, California, Wild Hunt offers their full-length debut, Before The Plane of Angles, released on Kemado Records. Epic in scope, the sound of the group is a tour de force of metal, fully realized through awareness-expanding ambience and labyrinthian song structure.

Established in 2004, Wild Hunt solidified the line-up in 2009, enlisting guitarists Greg Brace and Drew Cook, bassist West Lenz, and Harland Burkhart on drums and vocals. Brace, Cook, and Burkhart also constitute three-fourths of the kinetic and abstract metal outfit known as Dimesland.

Wild Hunt’s otherworldly songs intertwine as the album unfolds. Melodies therein rise and converge, while stampeding rhythms lead the charge, galvanizing into choral movements of harmonic breadth and intensity. Inferred by its flowing tapestry of sonic exploration,¬†Before The Plane of Angles¬†resoundingly points the way to new frontiers.